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Graduation Act

Duration: 7 minutes

STACKED is the graduation act of the artist duo Lily&Janick from Berlin where they combine partner acrobatic techniques with dance qualities. They share their playfulness and generous intimacy on stage where their strong physical and mental connection shows.

A shoulder to shoulder connection becomes a safe space, and leaning on the other persons shoulder becomes indispensable.

In STACKED Lily&Janick share their innovative take on partner acrobatics, where they always search for new ways how two bodies can be stacked over each other. With the audience they share their movement language that they developed throughout the four years of study at Codarts.


Choreograpy by: Lily Schlinker and Janick Kremer

Coached by: Clementine Telesfort and Lisard Tranis

Supervised by: Thomas Falk

Music: Flavia Escartin Pede

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