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Upcoming events



KALEIDING at Cirque Mania 

Schuur Theater, Haarlem (NL)

past events



05.04.           Performance at BRUTUS Rotterdam for Felix Burgers Exhibition Opening (NL)




1.-3.12.         Kaleiding at 'this is not a circus' Festival in Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)

19.11.           Kaleiding at Zeit für Zirkus at Tollhaus Karlsruhe (DE)

3+4.11.         Kaleiding at Zirkus ONstage Festival Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin (DE)

08.10.           Kaleiding at Vitrine PERPLX, Kortrijk (BE)

23.09.           KALEIDING PREMIERE at Cirque Mania #16 Korzo Theater, Den Haag (NL)
10-16.07.      Lightcreation & Residency at PERPLX (BE)

21.-27.05.     Residency at Tollhaus Karlsruhe (DE)

11.+12.05.    Kaleiding Work in Progress Showing at No Elephants! Festival Freiburg (DE)

03.05.           Kaleiding Work in Progress Showing at Circusstad Festival (NL)

03.-09.04.     Residency with TENT as Maker for a Week 2023 (NL)

06.-17.03.     Residency at Chamäleon Berlin (DE)

20.-26.02.     Residency at Le Palc Chalons en Champagne (FR)

13.-19.02.     Residency at PERPLX Kortrijk (BE)

02.-08.01.     Residency at PERPLX Kortrijk (BE)


17.-23.12.     Residency at Katapult Berlin (DE)

09.-14.12.     Residency at Schaulust Bremen (DE)

02.12.           Kaleiding Work in Progress Showing at Salle Rive Gauche (FR)

26.11.-4.12.  Residency at Le Palc in Chalons de Champagne (FR)

18.11.           Circunstruction Showing Kaleiding at Maaspodium Rotterdam (NL)

09.-11.11.     Residency at CORPO Rotterdam (NL)

17.-28.10.     Residency at CC Amstel (NL)

16.10.           Feestival Rotterdam (NL)

25.09.           Artistischer Rundgang at ATOLL Festival (DE)

21.09.           Zirkus ON Kaleiding Bühnenpräsentation at ATOLL Festival (DE)

05.-09.09.     Residency at CC Amstel Amsterdam (NL)

02.-04.09.     Kaleiding Laboratory Showings at Circus Bende Amsterdam (NL)

22.-28.08.     Residency at Tollhaus Karlsruhe (DE)

15.-21.08.     Residency at Circus Dance Festival (DE)

25.-31.07.     Residency at Katapult Berlin (DE)

26.06.           Graduation Acts at PERPLX Festival 

16.-18.06.     Graduation (Take Off #13) at Codarts Circus Arts

17.05.           Kaleiding Zirkus ON Auftaktpräsentation at Ruhrfestspiele Rechlinghausen

06.05.           Graduation Work in Progress Showing at Circusstad Festival in Rotterdam

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